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Frack Free Notts is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas extraction (UGE) within the county of Nottinghamshire. We support any organisation whose aims are to oppose any such activities including High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing and Coal bed methane extraction, collectively termed as ‘fracking.’

There is now a wealth of undeniable factual and credible scientific evidence that the environmental, economic and social risks from UGE far outweigh any tangible long term benefits for Nottinghamshire. We will lobby relevant authorities to reject any proposals or plans for UGE, believing as we do that it does not offer a credible way forward toward a sustainable future.

The issues presented by fracking cross traditional party political boundaries, and as such FFN welcomes support from ALL persons who share their concerns.

FFN will actively and peacefully campaign and protest against any proposals to pursue UGE within the county.

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