we say no seismic surveys

In January 2017 it was revealed that fracking company INEOS Shale sent a request in late 2016 to Nottinghamshire County Council to carry out seismic testing on County Council owned land. However in a FOI request, Friends of the Earth found out that County Council officers decided to delay a decision on it due to the issue being politically sensitive – thanks to the huge anti-fracking rally that was held at Sherwood Forest at the beginning of January. (We are making a difference! – thank you to those that attended).

After months of delay, partly due to the County Council elections, the decision was ready to be made by the Policy Committee on Wednesday 18th October 2017. Two weeks before this, the Nottinghamshire Labour Party group came out with a statement against the proposal. And then, just 8 days before the decision, the County Council released a statement saying this item had been pulled from the agenda and that the process was being changed to determine each seismic survey site on a site-by-site basis.

Frack Free Notts believes this is unacceptable and would like to see NO seismic surveys on ANY County Council owned land. What is now unclear is the process for decision making on these sites. We believe members of the public should be able to have access to view each proposal in sufficient time and be given a clear timetable of when decisions will be taken on each site. (Each site can be found below) We need a clear and transparent process for decision making. We need County Councillors to support a motion against seismic surveys and fracking on County Council land. This is where we need your help.

What can you do?

Frack Free Notts have produced a letter template which we are asking you to send to your own County Councillor. Frack Free Notts will ensure that the letter is sent to every County Councillor to ensure this issue is heard by all.

View the letter

Find and write to your County Councillor

If you don’t have a County Councillor, please send it to Frack Free Notts who will then hand-in your letter. (Just title it Dear Nottinghamshire County Council Councillors)

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to write your own comments at the bottom of the letter. Even just one sentence will be fine. This makes the letter unique and not just many copies of the same letter. If you’re struggling what to write, view our original letter we wrote to the Policy Committee.

Please let Frack Free Notts know if you get any response from your County Councillor.

The deadline to send this is Thursday 16th November 2017, one week before the County Council’s Full Council meeting.

It’s likely that if the County Council refuse, INEOS will bully the County Council by threatening court action. This is NOT a valid reason to give INEOS permission. It IS possible for them to refuse every single site.

The proposed sites

  • Park at the Former Shireoaks Colliery
  • The Former Manton Pit Colliery
  • Land to the north of Manton Pit Colliery
  • Park in Worksop to the North of Manton Pit Colliery
  • Shirebrook Wood and Shirebrook Miners Welfare Angling Club
  • Land at Warsop Vale Colliery (leased by the council from Fitzherbert Estates)
  • Land at Gorsethorpe Meadow


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