Today, Tuesday 16 October, members of Frack Free Nottinghamshire handed an envelope of scientific evidence against fracking to each member of the Nottinghamshire County Council planning committee. This committee will decide on whether to give permission to IGas to drill in North East Bassetlaw near the villages of Everton, Mattersey and Misson. IGas say they are hoping to announce the exact site in the next few weeks.


The main concerns are: pollution of the drinking water supply, damage to animal and human health from cancer-inducing and hormone disrupting chemicals, destruction of the countryside and the resulting loss of local industries such as tea shops, farm shops and people not wanting to buy produce from fracked areas.

Fracking is banned in France & Holland, with a moratorium in Germany. In Denton, the fracking capital of Texas, the devastating effects has led to the town banning fracking. West Sussex County Council has recently turned down a planning application for fracking and more and more city and county councils in the UK are expressing concerns or banning fracking for shale gas and other unconventional gas extraction processes.

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