This article from TALK FRACKING is about the hidden Infrastructure Bill document that was heavily censored by Department of Energy, Food and Rural Affairs. We want to join Talk Fracking in asking David Cameron why he has redacted this document; why aren’t MPs voting on the bill allowed to see the original; and when will we get to know the truth behind this dangerous bill?

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Within the next two weeks MPs will vote on the Infrastructure Bill; a bill that proposes controversial changes to our land rights and paves the way for fracking [1]. But the government has bluntly censored their report on how shale gas will impact the countryside.

Last month Tory MPs Anne McIntosh and Graham Stuart requested that David Cameron release the controversial ‘Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts’ report in full so MPs can have a complete view of the issues surrounding social and housing safety [2], including house prices and local services.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) censored the report 63 times [3], claiming this was in the ‘public interest’ [4]. It seems the cover up was intended to prevent opposition to the Government’s pro-shale energy policy, despite David Cameron’s declarations about transparency with regard to fracking, and a statement from the Information Commissioner saying such censorship was ‘unlawful’ after last year’s scandal with the HS2 rail line report [5]. It’s crucial that before the Infrastructure Bill is passed in Parliament, we uncover the redacted material in this important report that our government is keeping from us.

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Talk Fracking urge you to write to your MP to ask that she or he demand David Cameron immediately release the complete report before MPs have to vote on the Infrastructure Bill. If approved, the bill will change trespass laws and help to kickstart fracking in the UK.

MPs need to know what’s hidden in Defra’s censored fracking report before they vote on the Infrastructure Bill so the time to act is now.

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