Fracking, indeed any form of unconventional gas, was not included in either of the Conservative or the Liberal Democrat 2010 election manifestos. Since the election our government has refused to consult with the British public on any aspect of the process. Until now.

Increasingly, more and more people are deciding to oppose unconventional gas; in our government’s own regular public attitudes tracker on energy, 79% of UK adults said they supported the use of renewable energy sources to generate the UK’s electricity, fuel and heat. We see more and more borough, city and town councils passing motions to oppose fracking. Recently two councils rejected specific planning applications for unconventional gas.


The Government consultation on ‘Underground Drilling Access’ whereby 99% of people objected is further evidence that the British public does not want to be fracked, but our government is not listening.

Fracking is becoming a grass roots election issue, and next year it will be a game changer, particularly for political parties defending marginal seats.

When scientists say we should leave 80% of recoverable fossil fuels in the ground, they mean it – we should not be seeking to extract additional ones. 

It is time to write to our elected representatives and our newspapers again. It is time to lobby them at meetings and their community surgeries. It is time to encourage our families and friends to do the same. Councillors, MP’s and MEP’s of all political persuasions must be left in no doubt that voters do not want to be fracked.

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