Bassetlaw Against Fracking chairman, David Larder, has written the below letter to leaders of Notts County Council, Bassetlaw District Council, and John Mann MP.

Dear John, Alan and Simon

I’m writing to the three of you as influential members of the Labour Party , our MP and the leaders of councils

I am chairman of a non- political group of your constituents concerned with anti-fracking in BassetlawI have close connections with the groups that represent Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. This is because I believe that we cannot afford to add yet another fossil fuel into the mix of energy provision. The matter of climate change is urgent and if we do not act in a non-stopgap way,without being tempted into taking money from the biggest polluters in the world (because this government has cut councils’  grants) we are condemning our grandchildren to a hellish life. Don’t believe me. Read the five United Nations scientific reports into climate change.Read the various reports done by professional scientific bodies in this country and their views about fracking. I regret to say that I have heard it said that we have had this in our area for over 60 years. This is incorrect. We have had vertical drilling for oil which has lain in sumps. 

The only fracking that has taken place so far in England is over near Blackpool where it was brought to a halt because of a minor earthquake. As you know we live in one of the most seismically unsound parts of the country. Fracking uses horizontal drilling with explosions into the shale rock along 2 km. In addition huge amounts of good water is tankered to the sites, mixed with sand and toxic chemicals and blown down under high  pressure to split open the shale. 30%of this waste water stays where it is risking seepage into drinking water and the rest has to be disposed of safely.

The Unite union now has a policy of anti-fracking. Many councils throughout the country are declaring their position to be the same. Last night Labour-controlled York City Council joined them. You would gain votes in North Notts villages if you did the same.

By 23 votes FOR the motion and 11 against with 5 abstentions, the Labour policy on York city council became anti-fracking.

See the text of the motion below


This council believes that climate change is real and that it is a serious problem that is causing deaths and migration

That fracking (hydraulic fracturing for shale gas) adds to climate change,

Recognises the over 2100 name petition submitted by Frack Free York requesting a York Councillor decision on fracking

Asks that Councillors vote that York should, where possible, publicly state its position as wanting to resist planning applications for drilling for shale gas as this is likely to deter applications from drilling companies

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