14th License Round New Licenses

Licences have been awarded in Nottinghamshire which could see fracking for potential shale gas.

The main areas of concern are the Widmerpool Trough and Sherwood Forest.

The government has produced an interactive map showing the shale gas area in relation to licence blocks.

The other licences awarded in August 2015 that affect Nottinghamshire are:
  • Notts-Leics border: SK72 – around IGas’ existing oil well at Long Clawson. Hutton + Coronation – likely to be searching for conventional oil.
  • Notts-Lincs border: SK89 (N of Gainsborough), SK88 (S of Gainsborough), SK87c (Torksey) – IGas (35%) + Total (50%) + Egdon (15%) – the same partnership which wants to frack NE Bassetlaw around Misson. Could have conventional oil, shale gas and coal bed methane (CBM).
  • SK87b – N of Collingham. Blackland Park (an associate of Egdon) – possible CBM.
  • SK86 – Collingham. Aberdeen Hydrocarbon Development (linked to Aberdeen Drilling Management which Alkane had a CBM agreement with in 2012) + Milroy Capital (registered in Guernsey) – possible CBM.
  • Notts-Yorks border: SK58 (Worksop-Dinnington). Ineos – in a potential shale gas area next to an existing licence held by IGas.
  • Notts-Derbys border: SK45 – between Ripley and Mansfield. Ineos – not likely to have shale gas or CBM.

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