Dart Energy

Dart’s interests in the East Midlands include both coal bed methane and shale gas:

Dart is an Australian company which took over Composite Energy (originally part funded by British Gas) which became the basis of its European operation. In 2009, Composite obtained planning permission for a number of exploratory boreholes for CBM – at North and South Carlton in Lincolnshire and at Daneshill (North of Retford) and Eaton (South of Retford). See Frack Off for links to planning details: http://frack-off.org.uk/locations/

Dart has renewed the planning permissions at Daneshill and Eaton. It also claims that an exploratory borehole has already been drilled near Everton (North of Retford).
In January 2014 the Environment Agency issued a permit for the Daneshill Exploratory Borehole. Application details are in a file linked on Sutton cum Lound PC: http://www.suttoncumlound.net/2013/12/daneshill-test-site-fracking-december-2013/
[EA decision is posted on Frack Free Notts facebook]

An appraisal of Dart’s CBM and shale gas interests by Envoi (Feb 2013) is at: http://nottfoe.gn.apc.org/P213DartUK(CBM-Shale)Syn.pdf
And a presentation on shale interests: http://nottfoe.gn.apc.org/Dart(UK)ShalePlayPotential(24-2-13).pdf

GDF Suez is investing in Dart in the UK:

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