Planning Applications



This is by far the best resource in terms of maps to track down who is doing what, and where they are doing it.

Click here for this fantastic map.


Types of Licence (Onshore)

  • Since 1996: Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDL)
  • From 1984-1996 (some still in force): Exploration Licence (EXL), Appraisal Licences (AL), Development Licences (DL)
  • Prior to 1984 (some still in force): Exploration Licences (XL), Production Licences (PL)
  • From 1950s (oldest licences still in force): Mining Licences (ML)

Note some licences (e.g. EXL) may have been converted to same terms as a PEDL but the name has stayed the same.


Local Map

Hundreds of area specific Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDL’s) have been granted in the UK to Energy Companies, giving them the rights to extract hydrocarbons including CBM, UCG and shale gas.
Before any companies can explore and/extract they have to gain Planning Permission from your local authority.


You can view a more detailed map here

Planning permissions in Nottinghamshire granted:

  • PEDL200 – Sutton-cum-Lound
  • PEDL207 – Eaton

See below for the Sutton-cum-Lound drill site:


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