Are you a National Trust member or do you visit and love Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire?

INEOS, a large multinational petrochemical company, is looking to carry out seismic surveys at Clumber Park. This involves using thumper trucks and devices to send vibrations into the ground to build a map of the ground underneath. It is the first stage in the fracking process. Find out more about seismic surveys. The National Trust are refusing to grant them access, because Clumber Park is a Grade-1 listed parkland, which is home to many rare species, and they say that the surveys will threaten their habitat. So now INEOS are taking the National Trust to the High Court. Find out about the court case.

There is now a process for those with an ‘interest in the land’ to OBJECT to this. And because it is a National Trust property, National Trust members should have the opportunity to OBJECT to this.

If you are a member of the National Trust or if you’ve enjoyed your visit to Clumber Park, we urge you to write to the new Director-General to support the National Trust’s decision not to give INEOS access to Clumber Park. They are a membership organisation and a big pile of letters of support from members and visitors will help them to prove that they are meeting their purpose by protecting the Park.

If you’ve got a printer handy, we’d encourage you to use the text below (feel free to adapt – particularly if you’ve visited Clumber Park and can say why you love it), print out a letter and send it to:

Hilary McGrady Director-General of the National Trust, Heelis Kemble Drive, Swindon, SN2 2NA

Otherwise, email and copy in the National Trust’s regional email
Give your address and your National Trust membership number if you can, to prove that you are a member.

Suggested text:

Dear Hilary McGrady, I am a National Trust member and would like to welcome you as the new Director-General of the Trust.

I see that you are taking on the pressure of several controversial issues with your new appointment. I am personally particularly worried about fracking and the very idea that INEOS are even considering carrying out seismic surveys on the beautiful Clumber Park. As you must be aware, if we are going to avoid runaway climate change we need to leave 80% of the world’s fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Pumping chemicals into the ground to release gas will not help us to achieve this goal. The public health charity, Medact, published a report last year outlining their concerns about the risks that fracking poses to public health. Evidence from the U.S. shows that 8.9% of wells fail, meaning that fracking chemicals can leak into ground water and poison people and wildlife. I am writing, therefore, as a National Trust member, to say that I completely support your decision to not grant INEOS access to Clumber Park. I do not believe that this is an ‘overtly political’ decision, as INEOS have claimed. This is an environmental decision made for the right reasons to ensure the survival of Clumber Park’s wildlife and the safety of the land. Fracking, with the associated landscape destruction and pollution risk, cannot fit with the aims of the National Trust. Please pass these worries onto the High Court and please let me know when the High Court case is.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name and address]

The deadline to OBJECT is Friday 8th June 2018.

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