We’ve heard that two Nottinghamshire Labour Party branches have recently unanimously passed motions against fracking. Ruddington & Tollerton branch (in Rushcliffe) and Hucknall branch (in Ashfield) have joined the campaign against fracking, joining Broxtowe Labour Party who passed a motion in 2015.

The Hucknall branch motion reads:

“This branch recognises the huge environmental and socio economic pressures that fracking will put on communities in Nottinghamshire. We therefore call on this branch/clp/County council and our Nottinghamshire members of Parliament to make it policy to:

  • Oppose and campaign against this very damaging method of gas extraction, and, simultaneously,
  • Campaign for the development of a coherent energy policy in the county and country as a whole, that minimises as far as possible any negative impact on the environment and its communities.”

If you are part of a Labour Party branch in the county, we recommend that you introduce a similar motion to the above. If you need any assistance, please email us

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