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In November 2015, County Councillors on the Planning Committee expressed deep concern for wildlife, including all 5 native species of owls, residing just 125m away from an exploratory fracking site at Misson Springs, North Nottinghamshire. Their concerns led to a condition implemented to not allow any construction to take place during the bird breeding season (February-August).

On 31st January 2018, an unelected planning officer overrode this condition, going against the concerns of the Planning Committee Councillors, giving IGas until the end of March 2018 to complete their construction.

A week and a half ago, IGas sent in yet another request to continue construction past March 2018 as they had not finished. And again this decision will be made by an unelected planning officer. BUT a decision hasn’t been made yet and this is where we need YOUR help.

Please send an email to:
expressing your concerns and urging that IGas respects the concerns of the Planning Committee officers and respects the privacy of the breeding birds/owls at this precious SSSI wildlife site. If birds/owls decide not to nest in the area due to construction noise/air/light pollution, they may NEVER return.

We also suggest you copy in each of the current Planning Committee Councillors to make them aware that Councillors’ original concerns are being overturned by an unelected planning officer, which is a direct threat on democracy.

Please do this ASAP as the deadline is the 10th April


                       Get there if you can

IGas are constructing two large drilling pads at
Misson Springs (Bassetlaw, right on the border of Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire)
Tinker Lane (between Blyth and Barnby Moor, Bassetlaw)

People are needed at the gates Monday-Saturday to monitor the situation (keep a note of all trucks coming in and out and any breaches) and legally delaying trucks coming in/out of the sites.
Please get there if you can!

Misson Springs postcode: DN10 6ES
Tinker Lane postcode: DN22 8PA

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