Resist seismic surveys

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If you live in Nottinghamshire and have received a letter stating that a company would like access to your land to carry out seismic surveys….BEWARE. This is the first step of the fracking process and it means that it could lead to the start of the development of a gasfield of hundreds of fracking wells in your area.

Read our page on seismic surveys to find out about what seismic surveys are.

Here’s what to do if a company starts the process of seismic surveys in your area

  1. Inform Frack Free Nottinghamshire so we are aware that this is happening
  2. Refuse access to your land – this is the most important part
  3. Awareness is key – tell your neighbours and residents to refuse access. Tell them that this is the start of the process of fracking for shale gas in the area and that this could in a few years lead to hundreds of fracking wells surrounding them.
  4. Record all damage – take photos of the disruption caused
  5. Share the pictures with your neighbours and residents, and also with the local newspaper and parish council

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