Take Action

So what can you do?

So now we have you all fired up, what can you do?

Sign Up

Firstly join our mailing list.

We won’t bombard you with emails we promise.

Sign our petition

Secondly, sign our petition calling on Nottinghamshire County Council to take action against fracking.

Join in with the work

There are lots of ways to get involved in the group. We have tasks that need doing on separate aspects of the work. These range from:

  • Design (Designing posters and leaflets)
  • External Communication (Press/media/website/social media)
  • Fundraising (Organising fundraising gigs, applying to funding)
  • Outreach (Organising public events, making contact with relevant organisations)
  • Research (Researching ways to prevent / delay exploration & extraction from happening)
  • Wellbeing (Supporting members in the group not to burn out)

If you’re interested in taking part in any of these, please contact us using the ‘Contact’ page.

Contact Your Elected Representatives

MEP’s, MP’s and Local Councillors including Parish Councillors are all elected by us the people. They are there to be our advocates and to represent our views within the parties and groups they work within.

Don’t presume they will know anything about fracking, don’t presume they will be in favour of fracking, don’t presume anything.

Write polite and respectful letters informing them of your concerns. Ask them to detail what policies are in place and what views are held within the groups and organisations they represent.

Find Your MEP, MP or Local Councillors – Click Here

Find your MP and what they are doing in parliament – Click Here

Or see our resources section for printable lists – Click Here 

NGO’s, Charities and Unions

The National Trust, Women’s Institute, Ramblers, Unison and Cancer Research to mention but a few, all have powerful voices. They lobby government on behalf of members and donors.

Write to them if you are a member or donor, ask them what stance they take on fracking. Raise your concerns and let them know that you want them to speak out on your behalf.

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