Notts elections 2017: write to the candidates

On 8 June 2017, the general election will take place. This election is a great opportunity to identify MP candidates views on fracking and inform these MP candidates that if they are in support of fracking, they are unlikely to win.

Politicians are more susceptible to pressure in the run-up to elections. So now is the time to push politicians and local political parties to take an anti-fracking stance.

We want MP candidates to:

  • Make a personal pledge to take an anti-fracking stance
  • Push their local party to make a manifesto pledge to ban fracking

Actions you can take

  • Email the candidates running for election
    Write them emails, explaining why supporting a ban on fracking is important for both financial and social / environmental / climate reasons. Include a clear ask for them to make a manifesto or personal pledge to take a stance against fracking
    CLICK HERE for emails of the general election candidates


  • Attend local hustings events near you and ask the fracking question
    “I’m very concerned about fracking in ___ (your area). What is your position on fracking?”
    “Would you agree that fracking undermines our commitment to tackling climate change?”


  • Social Media Storm!
    Tweet at the candidates, asking them to support your campaign against fracking.
    If they make the manifesto pledge, then publicise their backing! And ask their opponents why they haven’t signed up… Create competition between the candidates.


  • Use the local press
    Write letters to the local newspaper, asking if any of the candidates have committed to an anti-fracking stance
    If you do get support from a MP candidate, you can offer to ‘ghost-write’ a comment article on fracking for them, to go into the local newspaper. You could also arrange a photo opportunity with your campaign.
    And if you get manifesto commitments, it’s definitely worth press releasing these to the media – you might catalyse their opponents to follow suit.


Email us if you have any questions and let us know how you get on.

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