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The first application for fracking exploration in Nottinghamshire has now been submitted. It’s important that people who are against fracking let your councillors know how you feel. This will help them realise how many people in the area oppose fracking, and encourage them to find out more about the industry and take an anti-fracking position.


The planning committee of Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) will be the people deciding if IGas are allowed to carry out exploratory drilling at Misson Springs (for more information, please visit our how to object page). However, all NCC councillors are important, not just those on the planning committee. If we can encourage other councillors to oppose fracking, then they can argue our case within the council.

Step One – Find your county councillor:

Either go to this page on our website or www.writetothem.com & type in your postcode

Step Two – Send them an email

Write to them telling them you are their constituent, that you oppose fracking, and you’d like them to raise concerns about fracking to other county councillors. And most importantly, tell them you’d like them to influence the councillors on the planning committee to reject fracking.

Your councillor may write back to you stating that the current planning application isn’t for production of shale gas fracking, it is for exploratory drilling. If this is the case, you have to tell them that it starts with one well – and for the fracking industry to realistically produce gas they will need a massive gasfield full of well pads – and this is in the beautiful Nottinghamshire rural countryside, close to where people live.

We suggest sending them the following reports:

We’d like your county councillor to declare their support for our campaign to stop fracking in Nottinghamshire as well as committing to raising the issue with other county councillors and committees.

Step Four – Let us know the result


Once you’ve sent an email to your councillor, you may not receive a outright answer straight away – your councillor may need time to go away and digest the reports you have given them. It’s highly important that you chase your councillor if this is the case – wait 1-2 weeks and contact them by email or phone them to ask their stance on the issue.

If the councillor has declared their position AGAINST fracking, please let us know so we can record it.

If the councillor has put forward arguments PRO fracking, please let us know and we’ll send you the facts to counter their arguments.

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