On 6 July 2016, Notts County Council invited councillors and anti fracking groups from across the county to an event at County Hall to listen to the regulators in the fracking industry, as an opportunity to find out information and ask questions.
Frack Free Notts were present at this meeting and listened carefully to what the regulators said.

Following this, we have now prepared a detailed critique of the fracking industry’s methods and the problems of regulating it. We launched this at a public meeting on Saturday 16th July. The presentations can be downloaded below, along with video/audio of the presentations.

Shale gas in Nottinghamshire – how will they regulate fracking? – Nigel Lee

Unprotecting the British Public on behalf of the Oil and Gas Industry – Brian Davey

Video/audio part 1
Video/ audio part 2
Video/audio part 3

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