Fracking company INEOS have now begun their seismic surveys across North Notts, lasting for six months. This will cover an area from Shirebrook, Holbeck, Warsop, Worksop, Shireoaks.

Find out about seismic surveys and the impact they have caused elsewhere in the UK 

If your area is surveyed you are one step closer to fracking. Each successful survey provides fracking companies with the data they need to secure investment and retain their fracking licenses. You DO NOT have to allow access.

Frack Free Notts are asking residents to be on the lookout for INEOS.

Find the signs that seismic surveys are starting

If you see any of the above signs:

The survey process itself can cause damage, stress and disruption. When Cuadrilla surveyed Lancashire in 2012 contractors were caught trespassing in gardens to lay cabling and even plant explosive charges.

Free legal advice is available if you need it. Please call 07858 614 861 or email:


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