Total, the French oil company unable to FRACK in France, have been investing heavily in licence areas already operated by iGas.

They already have boots on the ground across Bassetlaw and are regularly fielded at the popular Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings.

Latest indications from CLG suggest that the French investors have taken over the Public Relations activities once adequately and solely handled by UK based Curtins. It seems that Total want to flex the muscle that a 40% investment in Bassetlaws PEDL’s undoubtedly gives them. On first sight this seems to be an own goal by iGas, what credibility can there be in allowing a French company, who are not allowed to Frack home territory (its dangerous you see and therefore a nationwide wide ban is in place across France) to handle the propaganda? However maybe there is method in the madness. Could it be a simple case of good cop bad cop with iGas playing (somewhat out of character) the nice guy and maybe Total in the role as the hapless Inspector Jacques Clouseau, all the makings of a good French farce.

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  1. Jan Rigley - February 12, 2015 2:35 pm

    We suspect that Fracking has begun (drilling) at Moogreen, Nottingham. In a field near the Horse and Groom Pub Watnall. On her walk my daughter and friends saw work men and a drill in a field. I called our MP for that area, who laughed (of course) and said no, they are not fracking. As you can see, I have so much trust in our Governments (world wide) that I do not believe her, so am trying to find out myself. Do any of you know about this please?. Thank you for your time.

    • FF_Editor - February 12, 2015 7:20 pm

      Hi Jan, do you know which company it is?


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