This week DEFRA released the unredacted version of their report on shale gas and rural communities. You can see why the Government wanted it to be redacted – see highlighted points here from Greenpeace.

We urge you to write to your MP about this, using the below text. You can write to your MP here.

Dear (MP),

This week the Government (DEFRA) was forced to publish a previously heavily-redacted report on shale gas. From reading the unredacted report you can tell why DEFRA wanted to redact the report. The report can be found here:

Here are some of the points from the report:

“Properties located within a 1 – 5 mile radius of the fracking operation may also incur an additional cost of insurance to cover losses in case of explosion on the site.”

“It can affect human health indirectly through consumption of contaminated wildlife, livestock, or agricultural products”.

“Some residents may experience deafening noise; light pollution that affects sleeping patterns.”

“Noxious odours from venting gases can also impact on air quality for local residents,”

“Shale gas development may transform a previously pristine & quiet natural region, bringing increased industrialisation. As a result rural community businesses that rely on clean air, land, water, and/or tranquil environment may suffer losses from this change such as agriculture, tourism, organic farming, hunting, fishing, & outdoor recreation”

The report says that if people have resulting health problems then local services may be stretched with the additional demand from the influx of fracking workers.

It says that house might be worth up to 7% less if people live within a mile of a fracking site, and people might have to pay more for house insurance in case of an explosion on site.

For renters, the report says rent prices are expected to raise as new workers come into the area.

The report raises concerns over “how sustainable the shale gas investments will be in the future and whether rural communities have the right mix of skills to take advantage of the new jobs and wider benefits on offer”.

And finally, on climate change, the report says that fracking in the UK could cause a gross increase in global CO2 emissions if the LNG or other fossil fuels that would otherwise be burnt in the UK are burnt elsewhere — and we are still emitting from burning fracking gas.

After all of this, David Cameron said at Prime Minsters Questions: “Personally I hope that, over time, there will be unconventional gas sites that will go ahead, whether in Lancashire or elsewhere …”

The evidence is clear, shale gas & unconventional gas must not happen within Nottinghamshire or the country. I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

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