Statement by Marie Scott, Free Nottinghamshire responding to the news of the last 24 hours

Frack Free Notts has been suffering a mix of emotions over the past 24 hours. We welcome the decision by Nottinghamshire County Council to adjourn the final decision on the drilling of exploratory wells in Misson. This is due to an objection, brought by Friends of the Earth and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, regarding a covenant placed upon the land of the site and we see this as a positive step forwards in our fight to prevent fracking in North Nottinghamshire. However, our optimism at that decision has been tempered by the despicable and cowardly decision by the government to ride roughshod over the democratic process and the wish of the local communities of Lancashire by overriding the decision by Lancashire council to reject an application to frack on the Fylde. Frack Free Notts stands in solidarity with all of the people fighting against fracking in Lancashire. We are truly appalled that democracy can be cast aside so easily to appease the desires of the government’s corporate cronies. Frack Free Notts vows to fight on and we will redouble our efforts to prevent the application from iGas succeeding at Misson and to keep Nottinghamshire frack-free. We call upon all of our supporters to work with us to prevent this application from being green-lighted.

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