UPDATE: The IGas fracking exploration application is now LIVE.



Statement from Bassetlaw Against Fracking:

Notts first fracking operation has been applied for. The public have 21 days to object. This is a Bonfire Night that Misson will not forget.

Not only has Island Gas chosen an old Cold War rocket site for drilling for shale gas, but they will be having many explosive charges going out horizontally under our beautiful Notts countryside. We object to the pollution of the fresh air around this tiny village, the total inconvenience to the villagers by heavy lorries bringing in millions of gallons of water for hydraulic fracturing with sand and poison chemicals, the possible threat to groundwater and even our drinking water, because we have the largest sandstone for the East Midlands. 44% of drill casings have fractured in Queensland, Australia since they started fracking some years ago. Because of this, many countries have either had moratoriums or outright banning on fracking. Our surveys show over 80% of villagers are against it in North Notts.

We object to the 24-hour a day drilling for several months. The noise of this operation and the vibration will have a devastating effect upon the wildlife and the natural habitat in the nearby Site of Special Scientific Interest upon which the government spent thousands of pounds. We object on behalf of the cyclists and the rare birdwatchers. We object because one well will not be enough for greedy island gas. If they are successful in their exploration they will continue and move on across the countryside. It has been proven in America that people have suffered ill health who live near fracking sites and it has been shown in Lancashire, where the County Council turned down an application that property values are seriously affected.

We call upon all people who love this part of North Notts to say “no” to a re-industrialisation of an area which has a high level of earth tremors and old mine workings. I call upon all those who realise that shale gas is not the answer because methane is a major pollutant and causes global warming.

It is significant that this company has chosen at the same time to put in another application for scoping to start the process in yet another village. They want to divide our attention but we will fight with focus and determination. I call upon the whole community to come together and to send a letter of objection or go online in the next 21 days to Notts County Council planning department.

We are distributing a helpful leaflet in all North Bassetlaw villages for those who wish to object. Please pick one up from shops or pubs”

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  1. Anna Dixon - November 1, 2015 10:55 pm

    I object to this fracking application completely and wholeheartedly and will do anything in my power to ensure that this does not happen.


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