Frack Free Nottinghamshire have today issued a Press Statement saying that they are writing to Fisher German estate agents asking why they are providing assistance to a company that wants to frack through Nottinghamshire by facilitating access for seismic testing.

Frack Free Nottinghamshire says:
“Fisher German’s actions are bizarre considering that fracking is associated with a damage to housing and real estate markets. Are they not aware that according to figures from a government report that was released after a Freedom of Information request last year house prices within one mile of a fracking site might fall by 7%?

This has been confirmed by surveys of estate agents in areas that could be affected by fracking. A report of a survey of estate agents that was reported in the Telegraph last year found more than half of the 60 surveyed feared that fracking would reduce sales. Indeed there were already cases of people pulling out of sales.

That’s not to mention the effect on insurance. The Defra Report that was released said:
“Properties located within a 1 – 5 mile radius of the fracking operation may also incur an additional cost of insurance to cover losses in case of explosion on the site.” and “Such an event would clearly have social impacts,”

According to Frack Free Notts the reasons for the fall in house prices is the anticipation and then experience of a lower quality of life and health risks. They point out that the report by Defra, that the government tried to keep secret, acknowledges that fracking “can affect human health indirectly through consumption of contaminated wildlife, livestock, or agricultural products”.

Noise and light pollution from rigs could also lead to problems, the internal Defra report acknowledges. It says: “Some residents may experience deafening noise; light pollution that affects sleeping patterns.”

“Noxious odours from venting gases can also impact on air quality for local residents,” it adds.

Truck movements to and from the site – about 14 to 51 journeys a day over a period of weeks – could also impact air pollution and noise.

And if you have resulting health problems you might find your local services stretched with the additional demand from the influx of fracking workers.

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