Frack Free Nottinghamshire are beyond disappointed by the decision of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning Committee to approve the application by Dart Energy for exploratory drilling at the Tinker Lane site in Bassetlaw. This is the second approval in Bassetlaw, forming the start of an industrial gas field. This approval is despite overwhelming local opposition to the application, with 99.5% of those consulted by Nottinghamshire County Council being opposed to the application.

There were numerous grounds for Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning Committee to reject this application – excessive air, noise and light pollution; blighting open countryside with drill rigging; the risk of contaminating a local aquifer and the prospect of truckloads of toxic waste being transported past a local primary school, to name but a few. This application has been approved with 50 conditions being placed upon Dart Energy despite their inability to adhere to a lesser number of conditions at their Daneshill site. And who is to oversee that Dart Energy keep to these 50 conditions? Dart Energy, that is who – self-regulation at its very worst.

Despite our disgust and disappointment at this decision, Frack Free Nottinghamshire will fight on and oppose every single application with regard to shale gas extraction (aka fracking) in Nottinghamshire. We have the overwhelming support of the residents of Nottinghamshire. Despite Nottinghamshire County Council foisting it upon us twice now, THERE IS NO SOCIAL LICENCE FOR FRACKING IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE!

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