Residents came from all over Nottinghamshire on Saturday afternoon of a weekend usually reserved for loved ones and flowers. Fracking and the larger industrial-size concerns of gasfield production was the meaning for this gathering, organised by Frack Free Nottinghamshire. From Broxtowe to Bingham, Clifton to Misson, people had come together for the love of their county on this Valentine’s eve.  They also came with worry, stress and concern: emotions brought forward by the Government’s release of the latest shale exploration licensing areas affecting where they live. Today people learned about the implications that the shale gas industry would have on them, their wider area and the country at large with discussions held over what is important and what can be done to oppose it.

International research keeps highlighting that the fracking industry and their gas field developments cause health issues for local residents and the group was discussing why anyone would want this in their county.  Concerned Notts resident Jeannie Thompson said “The Nottinghamshire countryside has just about recovered from decades of coal mining, which did bring employment to the county, however the shale gas industry will not do the same.  Few local people will be employed by any of the gas field developments if they are given the go ahead because they will not have the skills or expertise; yet local people will suffer all the inconvenience of huge areas of the countryside being industrialised”

Attendee Philipa from Beeston said “There is a lot of misinformation out there. But as someone recently moved to the area and living near Attenborough Nature Reserve, we ignore the implications of developing gasfields with their environmental and health implications at our peril.”

Attendees at the event enjoyed interactive presentations and shared ideas about campaigns.  Everyone left with knowledge they can take to their own districts to ensure all of Nottinghamshire understands the threats and pressures the fracking industry places on everyone in the county from local farmers, school children, small businesses, tourists, breweries and home owners.  Frack Free Notts love our county and the group’s message is clear “Don’t turn our Nottinghamshire into an industrial gas field”

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