A recent FOI request from Friends of the Earth has revealed that INEOS have plans to carry out seismic surveys around Sherwood Forest, including areas nearby to the Major Oak. View the map

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Pauline from the Frack Free Sherwood Forest & Edwinstowe group said:
“If this seismic testing goes ahead and we end up with INEOS fracking in this area, the possible consequences could result not only in the decimation of Sherwood Forest but also more earthquakes in Ollerton and a contamination of the second largest aquifer in the country. That is without taking into consideration the potential health problems for those living close proximity. We are also worried about radioactive contamination together with the disposal of that contaminated waste and in a small rural community the vast amount of extra traffic fracking will involve.”

Guy from Friends of the Earth said:
“I can’t think of anything more iconic in the English mindset to go for. You’d have thought they’d have learnt from the mistakes of some of the other fracking companies to avoid it, but they’ve gone straight for it.”

A walk and rally has been organised for this Saturday, 7th January, meeting at 1pm at Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre (Facebook event)


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