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Nottinghamshire County Council will be approving a Minerals Plan for consultation in November. But so far they have refused to include a policy which protects us from the specific problems of fracking. Their current policy does not recognise:

  • that hydraulic fracturing could compromise the sherwood sandstone aquifer which runs down the centre of Nottinghamshire, providing a large part of our drinking water;
  • that because of past coal mining, the area around Ollerton is already the ‘earthquake capital of the UK’;
  • hydraulic fracturing requires disposal of large quantities of waste water contaminated with heavy metals and radioactive materials from the shale layers;
  • the increased risk of venting methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas, and carcinogenic gases such as benzene and toluene.

If you live in the county, not the city, please write to your County Councillor to ask the Council to include a policy in the Minerals Plan to protect us from unconventional hydrocarbons including fracking for shale gas, coal bed methane and underground coal gasification.

Some of the key issues to raise include:

  • Horizontal drilling for perhaps 2km underground requires the site boundary to be defined in 3-D;
  • Hydraulic fracturing risks triggering seismic activity, particularly in areas of former coalmining;
  • The EU Water Framework Directive requires a precautionary approach to protect groundwater;
  • Hydraulic fracturing increases the risk of venting of methane and carcinogenic gases during and after operation. This is a potential risk for greenhouse gas emission and for public health.

If you live in the county you can find your councillor here or for a more simple way, go to

Before going to the full Council on 26 November the Minerals Plan will be discussed by the Environment & Sustainability Committee – date not yet fixed but before 19 November.

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  1. Jane Burd - September 21, 2015 9:05 am

    Just wondering, if Lancashire CC turned down the Cuadrilla application on the grounds of traffic why you haven’t included that in your reasons to oppose fracking. The amount of traffic that would engender would be more likely to change Councillors minds than CO2 emissions as that would more directly impact on the voters who would in the end blame them for allowing fracking to go ahead.

    • FF_Editor - September 22, 2015 6:09 am

      Hi Jane, this is about the Minerals Plan, not about opposing specific planning applications.

      The main question is what are the key reasons why a separate policy is needed for unconventional hydrocarbons. Traffic is covered elsewhere in the plan. If we put in everything that is significant for objecting to planning applications we would need a very long list


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