iGas Energy have added several locations that might benefit from their iGas Energy Community Fund widely known as the “iBung”.

One location DN22 8RB strikes us as particularly interesting. It is a location off the Daneshill Road within a couple of extended drill pipe lengths from Dart’s Daneshill test borehole. Indication perhaps that iGas are minded to mount an operation in the immediate vicinity and even perhaps along the notorious road engineered (several times) by Dart Energy.

It would seem therefore that the exploration into the coal bed seam at Daneshill has shown some potential for commercial exploitation. However why not dip your drill pipes even lower whilst the rig is on station and take a look down into the shale layer?

So be it CBM extraction or fracking it looks like the local parish councils within a 5 mile radius centred Daneshill will indeed be considering the merits of applying for the iBung sometime soon.

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