Nottinghamshire County Council have released their new Minerals Plan Submission Draft. This will be considered by the Environment and Sustainability Committee on Monday 4th January.

Frack Free Notts have over the last few months urged residents of the county to write to county councillors to demand there is a separate policy on unconventional hydrocarbons (shale gas/coal bed methane/underground coal gasification). But in the document, the county council state:

It is considered that there is no justifiable reason to separate shale gas from other hydrocarbon development

Their reasons are:

There is Government support and guidance for the extraction of hydrocarbons (including shale gas) as they remain an important part of the UK’s energy mix whilst we are in transition to low carbon energy supplies.

This is not surprising but incredibly disastrous for the county, as demonstrated in the below picture. It also questions whether the county council recognise the Paris climate conference agreement to limit temperatures well below 2 degrees.


Frack Free Notts urge people who live in the county to write to the Environment and Sustainability Committee councillors to demand that there is a separate policy for unconventional hydrocarbons. We also urge you to write to all county councillors to put pressure on these councillors.

Frack Free Notts will be peacefully demonstrating outside the County Council, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford from 8.30am on Monday 4th January. Everyone is welcome to join the demonstration.

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