Imagine a small rural village in a peaceful part of North Nottinghamshire. Next to a site of Special Scientific Interest there is a wonderful nature reserve. Soon the birds will be frightened away by 24 hour a day drilling. We expect IGas to put in a formal application to Notts County Council in May. This will be to drill an exploratory well and do some deep experimental fracking into the Bowland Shale. The intention is to crack open the rocks with hundreds of gallons of water and poisons. They want to draw up methane which will damage the environment. A short space away is an aquifer which is made of special sandstone and supplies pure drinking water across the north of the county. The fracking company have spent thousands of pounds already on glossy exhibitions to try and convince the villagers that everything will be fine. Those who know anything about the real dangers of fracking know that it will not.

That is why we are appealing to you. We have a small band of volunteers playing David against Goliath. We have only little money left for leaflets. We do not have a real income from anywhere.

But now we have a chance to defeat the fracking company. There is a retired professor of geology, who is now living in a French village and is passionately against fracking. He has told the Chairman of the Bassetlaw Against Fracking group that he is very concerned about damage and leakage into the water supply. If he can prove this, his evidence will be significant in persuading the Notts County Council Planning Committee not to agree to the application.

He is Emeritus Professor David Smythe. His lifetime work in studying geology was at Glasgow University. Already he has helped anti-fracking groups in Scotland, Lancashire and the village of Balcombe in the south of England with his research he has agreed to help us. However to produce a 40 to 50 page report and to come over to a Planning committee meeting to present it will cost money. He is a pensioner now, but very alert to the dangers. So a report which would normally cost £16,000 from a commercial firm, he will do for £1500 plus £300 for his return fare.

If everyone who reads this appeal in the anti-fracking community provided us with just £2 we feel sure we could meet the target of £1800 that is needed.

David Larder. (Chair of Bassetlaw against Fracking)

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