Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee will decide on Nottinghamshire’s second exploratory drilling application (Tinker Lane between Barnby Moor and Blyth in Bassetlaw) on Tuesday 21st March 2017.

The planning officer has recommended approval with over 50 conditions required!

It is therefore essential to ACT NOW to ensure this application is REJECTED.

  1. OBJECT to the application if you haven’t already
    • You can object up until the day of the meeting, but please send your objections in ASAP
    • When objecting, make sure you copy your objections to the chair of the planning committee, John Wilkinson (see contact details below)
  2. WRITE TO and PHONE the county councillors on the planning committee and ask them to turn the application down (councillor details below)
    • This is more urgent if you live in an area where your county councillor is on the planning committee
  3. PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY to join us and demonstrate outside County Hall in West Bridgford from 9am on the day

Points to object about

  • Dart Energy at Daneshill breached their conditions on multiple occasions, such as failing to lay an access road before trucks started coming in, and not controlling the amount of light at night.
  • Dart/IGas have chosen the HGV route of access through Blyth which includes small traffic junctions on Blyth High Street. These vehicles carrying toxic waste will also be travelling directly past Blyth Primary School.
  • The area will be subjected to excessive and unreasonable disturbance (vibration and noise 24 hours a day over several months) in what is a quiet part of the countryside, resulting in sleep disturbance and increased stress.
  • The height of the drill rig will dominate the local landscape and the activity around it will make the open countryside of Bassetlaw feel unduly industrialised.
  • There will be serious light pollution from night working, and air pollution from ozone, hydrocarbons, dust and the venting and flaring of methane.
  • The proposed drilling site is exceptionally close to an aquifer. No guarantee can be given that it will not be contaminated from spills and leaks during drilling or at some time in the future.
  • Shale gas is a fossil fuel and the UK urgently needs to reduce our CO2 emissions to combat climate change.

Planning committee councillors

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