Here is an update of where we are at:

Saturday 8th March review
First of all, thanks to Dave Shaw and FFSY for printing another 5,000 leaflets for us.
Huge thanks to Jeannie, Nigel, Alan, Jonny, the 2 Adam’s, (along with Bev, Helen and David Burley) for helping with leafleting in Retford last Saturday. Another fantastic week! We then went out to leaflet in more villages – this time, concentrating on the south, in villages around Eaton – the other village which has planning permission agreed.

Sutton cum Lound
There are still delays to Dart’s drilling at Sutton cum Lound – an access road is now being created. See photos here. So it won’t be long before lorries do start arriving now.
Joe and the protectors camp held several community events at the camp this weekend, with residents from across the country visiting, and the East Midlands Green Party visiting on Sunday. See more (including photos) here.
It was mentioned at the meeting last night that we should hold some solidarity events up at the site, such as cycle rides and rambling walks! Various people such as Sarah and Helen/Gary are looking into this.

Bolivia Talk review
A huge thanks to Monica Stoppleman for bringing us Ely Peredo who came over to visit us from Bolivia last week. We ate a delicious meal at Govindas Restaurant, so thank you so much to them for the food! Ely described how she has helped to fight many battles with water rights in her country, and how Bolivians are very protective of Mother Earth.

County Council & Environment Agency Demo review
A big thanks to Jeannie, Brian, Nigel, Parisa, Adam, Laura, and Steven for helping with Monday’s demonstration outside the county council and Environment Agency. We handed in the 38 degrees petition signatures to the leader, Cllr Alan Rhodes, along with the Friends of the Earth postcards that were filled out at last year’s Global Frackdown event. We spoke with Cllr John Wilkinson and he has said he is definitely against any fracking and has agreed to have a meeting us first, before we have a meeting with Alan Rhodes. Parisa and Helen have agreed to take on this liaison.

When we went to the Environment Agency, to our surprise, we were greeted by 2 members of staff who invited us in, gave us tea and coffee and had an hour and a half discussion. This was excellent and they have now agreed to work with us to share information, so this is brilliant. We also heard that MP John Mann has an idea to launch a panel in Bassetlaw, made up of experts, to discuss the situation on fracking. We’ll be following this up with Bassetlaw residents.

Photos here

FINAL dates of leafleting Bassetlaw
Thanks to all those who have leafleted so far, including recently, Joel & Lis. Here are the final dates:

  • Wednesday 12th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • Friday 14th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • Saturday 15th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • Sunday 16th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • Monday 17th March – Meet at 10am at Fade

If anyone can go another time, and can drive, you are welcome to go, but please let us know!
ANY OTHER DRIVERS available, please contact us via the contact tab.

There have been discussions around our leaflet and these are being ironed out.
We have agreed to go with the message of ‘In No Back Yard’. Fingers crossed we should be ready to print our leaflet out by the end of the week.

BBC Question Time – 13th March
BBC Question Time is coming to Nottingham tomorrow (13th March), and will be outside the Albert Hall from 5.45pm to 9.30pm. Anna-Maria and Parisa will be there leafleting. Please join them if you can!

North East Bassetlaw Forum – 18th March
On the 18th March, there is a meeting of the North East Bassetlaw Forum, where both sides of the argument of fracking will be presented. David Burley of South Yorks will be there representing us, and the Executive Director of iGas will also be there. If you wish to attend from Nottingham, we will be leaving from Fade cafe at 5.30pm. Please contact us through the contact tab if you need a lift, otherwise see you there!

Wednesday 19th March
Various things happening on this day!

What next after the 19th March
It has been a very hectic month, with the leafleting in Bassetlaw. After the 19th March, we should definitely feel more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean we will be stopping. Last night we discussed various options. The one that came out the strongest was to organise film nights, education days, and speaker discussions in other areas across Nottinghamshire, starting with the PEDL licensed areas first.

URGENT – Government consultation
The Government wants to launch a new licensing round for onshore oil and gas. These are held every few years and this round – the 14th – would open up a large area of the UK for licensing (see above link to PEDL licensed areas).

These licences give a company the right to apply to explore for and extract any hydrocarbon: oil or gas, conventional or unconventional, so it won’t always involve shale gas and fracking. This is just the first stage: the companies still need planning permission and the appropriate environmental permits before they can do anything.

Before it can launch a new licensing round, the Government has to produce an Environmental Report and put this out to public consultation. This is your chance to comment on whether you think there should be further licensing potentially leading to fracking for shale gas, or to the extraction of coal bed methane.

Friends of the Earth have been kind enough to set out some suggestions for points you might like to make in response to the consultation – you can find them here.

Link Group
If you wish to join the FFN to discuss overall coordination, the next meeting will be on the 25th March. Contact us through the contact tab if you’d like to join.

Next Meeting
Last night we agreed to move the meeting to Govindas Restaurant on Thurland Street in the centre of the city. We said that it would be best to start the meeting at 7pm, with newcomers arriving from 6.30pm. They would be prepared to sell us some cheap vegan food, so come along, enjoy some delicious food, and join in the discussion!

P.S Notts & Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce are holding a few events relating to fracking

1 tomorrow – here (being discussed by iGas)
1 next Thursday – here (being run by MP John Mann)

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