Here is an update of where we are at:
Saturday 1st March review
Huge thanks to Jeannie, Gary, Helen, Nigel, and Adam (along with Leon, Joy, Bev and FFSY folk) for helping with leafleting in Retford on Saturday. We did amazingly well, with most of our printed leaflets being handed out! More leaflets are being printed in time for next Saturday. Please note revised time below.
We then went out to leaflet in villages: Ranskill, Scrooby Top, Scrooby, and Serlby. We need to keep this up as there are a lot of villages to go! See here
This week
David & FFSY are giving a presentation to Hayton Parish council tonight. Also tonight is Everton Parish Council meeting (Sally and FFSY attending).
On Wednesday there are two meetings, Mattersey (Isabelle & Andy attending), and Misson (Wendy attending). Great that we have these bases covered. The aim is to find key contacts from each village.
Sutton cum Lound
We are very lucky to have residents Andy and Isabelle who have been excellent in letting us know what has been going on, as well as filing complaints to the county council about Dart’s progress to move equipment on site. As it stands we have complained about the process with bringing lorries on, and thus the county council have temporary stopped all work at the Dart site. So a big thanks to all those who are working to tackle these issues and cause delay.
Bolivia Talk
Thursday 6th March – Ely Peredo from Bolivia is coming to share her experiences of fighting fracking and water rights in her country.
Venue is Govindas Restaurant. Food available at 6.30pm. Talk starts at 7pm.
Facebook event here. Please share!
Update on dates of leafleting
  • 8th March – Meet at 9am at Fade (leafleting in Retford then villages in PM)
  • 12th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • 14th March – Greg can drive. 10am at Fade.
  • 15th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • 16th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
  • 17th March – Meet at 10am at Fade
If you can go, please fill out this Doodle poll.
If anyone can go another time, and can drive, you are welcome to go!
ANY OTHER DRIVERS available, please contact Jeannie.
Demo to put pressure on county council & Environment Agency
Notts County Council own the land Dart are moving in on in the Sutton Cum Lound, Daneshill. We will set up a demonstration outside the Environment Agency building. Dress in Bright Clothes. Or Reindeer/Superman costumes + Masks.
“WHY have you allowed this on your land? It’s dangerous”
Monday 10th March – Meet at Fade Cafe at 10am or at Notts County Council at Trent Bridge at 11am outside main entrance doors and then to go to Environment Agency at Lady Bay bridge at 12 noon.
Notts Wildlife Trust are still uneasy with us using the site at Daneshill Lakes Nature Reserve, but we are in talks to settle this, and will be contacting the main office in Nottingham to get them to take a stand. Main camp won’t be here anyway – just info tent. People arriving soon. If you can camp, please do go join them – contact us using the contact tab if you are interested.
Gary has done an excellent job of designing our generic leaflet (here) – which can be used in other places in Notts – mainly Nottingham City. It will hopefully be printed soon.
Adam is looking into applying for funds, whilst Jeannie is setting up the bank account. Working group leaders are coming up with a budget of what is needed for their group.
Aims and Objectives
Now finalised – see here.
We now have a Twitter account here – @frackfreenotts – please tag if you’re on Twitter.
And for those who wish to join the solidarity at Barton Moss..
Frack Free Greater Manchester Demo
Frack Free Greater Manchester are organising demo in central Manchester in solidarity with the campers (who have managed to get a court hearing to evict them postponed) and will call for no fracking in Greater Manchester or anywhere else.
Gather at Piccadilly Gardens – 12 noon, Sunday 9th March
March to Cathedral Gardens (near Urbis) for a rally around 2pm. 
Hope to see you all at our next meeting on Tuesday 11th March at Fade Cafe. Working groups are able to meet up early, like they did last month. Meeting starts at 7.30pm. New people urged to arrive early at 7pm to be briefed.
See you soon!
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