Now the election is over, Frack Free Nottinghamshire are highlighting that out of all elected MPs in Nottinghamshire, just ONE has signed the Frack Free Promise.


Over the past 6 weeks, Frack Free Nottinghamshire have been telling it’s members and supporters to write to their Parliamentary Candidates asking if they’d sign the Frack Free Promise. This was a statement saying: “If my constituency is at risk of fracking, I will oppose it. If my constituency is not at risk, I will oppose fracking nationwide.”

Out of all 63 prospective candidates in the county, just 14 signed the Promise. And out of the MPs that were elected, only John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw has signed. This is crucially important as Bassetlaw is the first district in the county which will have a planning application submitted for shale gas exploration. We’ll be pushing our members & supporters in Bassetlaw to hold John Mann to account on his promise.

Breakdown of results

Candidates Standing

  • 5 Rushcliffe
  • 6 Broxtowe
  • 5 Gedling
  • 6 Nottingham South
  • 7 Nottingham East
  • 6 Nottingham North
  • 6 Newark
  • 6 Sherwood
  • 5 Ashfield
  • 6 Mansfield
  • 5 Bassetlaw

Candidates who signed

  • 1 Rushcliffe (Green Party)
  • 2 Broxtowe (Green Party and Labour Party)
  • 1 Gedling (Green Party)
  • 1 Nottingham South (Green Party)
  • 1 Nottingham East (Green Party)
  • 2 Nottingham North (Green Party and Independent)
  • 1 Newark (Green Party)
  • 1 Sherwood (Green Party)
  • 0 Ashfield
  • 1 Mansfield (Green Party)
  • 3 Bassetlaw (Green Party, Labour Party and Lib Dem Party)
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  1. Dennis cocker - August 18, 2015 8:40 pm

    This industry will be a multi billion pound one. Why can’t proper compensation be given to all homeowners for the loss in value of their most valuable asset, not to mention a reduction in property tax , which after all is calculated on the value of your property. This would stop a lot of the objections.


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