MPs across the country have now been elected. Teresa May is preparing a Queens Speech. What we don’t know is whether the Conservative fracking plans (changing planning law to mean non-fracking drilling will be treated as permitted development. – see below) will be included in the Speech. Therefore NOW is a critical time to write to your MPs. You can do this via

We need to inform MPs that fracking is a BAD IDEA, and is HUGELY UNPOPULAR. Many Conservatives are concerned about the precious greenbelt we have and, we know that fracking requires hundreds of wells across an area so the greenbelt is incredibly important to protect, therefore we cannot allow fracking to go ahead. If you have a Conservative MP, mention the above points.

We also know that the Labour Party are writing their own Queens Speech. If you have a Labour MP, write to them and ask that a ban on fracking (as promised in their manifesto) is included in their speech and ask these MPs to speak out against fracking. There will be a debate in Parliament and it’s essential fracking is mentioned in this debate.

Concern about Conservative Party manifesto

The Conservative Party manifesto is incredibly worrying. It states that they will change planning legislation so that all exploratory drilling applications will be approved as permitted development and only fracking applications will require a planning application. This is worrying enough, particularly about a huge loss of democracy and the impact that exploratory drilling will have on communities and the environment. However it gets worse as the definition of fracking has now been changed in the Infrastructure Act so that it is only called fracking if an operation involves, or is expected to involve, the injection of –

(i) more than 1,000 cubic metres of fluid at each stage, or expected stage, of the hydraulic fracturing, or
(ii) more than 10,000 cubic metres of fluid in total

This means that the Blackpool fracking operation in 2011 (that caused damage to the well and two earth tremors) does not count as fracking. And so under this definition if all proposals that are supposedly non-fracking drilling, they ARE actually fracking.

For more info on this, read this excellent article by Paul Mobbs

N.B Frack Free Notts is a non party political group and we do not support or promote any political party. We are simply expressing our concern with the Conservative Party manifesto as it goes against our aims to ban fracking.

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  1. Bee Warren - June 18, 2017 9:10 pm

    Dear Lillian,

    Firstly, congratulations on your recent success in the elections. Pity we didn’t quite manage to shift the balance across the whole country… yet!

    Regarding the mention of fracking in the Queen’s speech:

    Theresa May is preparing a Queen’s Speech. We don’t know whether the Conservative fracking plans – changing planning law to mean non-fracking drilling, ie. the foot in the door approach – will be treated as permitted development (making it as easy to get as putting up a garden shed) are to be included in the Speech. I suspect not.
    I noticed during the recent election campaigns a marked absence of emphasis on environmental issues among the three ‘big boys’ although was pleased to see Labour party manifesto includes the condemnation of fracking. I believe this might also be true of all other parties except Tories and UKIP.
    We know for certain that the Tories continue to want to force this catastrophic, backward technology on some of our most precious countryside despite overwhelming public objection.
    This is such an important issue because it contravenes the Paris climate change agreement, has well proven adverse effects on the environment and communities and is a blatant abuse of democracy. Despite its importance and the serious threat it poses, many members of the general public have very little awareness and knowledge on the matter.
    Together we must work to bring about such an awareness and its inclusion in the Queen’s speech would be a good start. Please use your influence to help this happen.


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